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In our modern world, it is more important than ever to consciously create an environment that offers a lifeline to people in danger of losing their way into confusion, loneliness, and emptiness. As part of our work to help communities cultivate lives of meaningful connection, hope, purpose, and wellness, the NRI employs the THRIVE Resilience Model™ developed by Dr. Mollie Marti.

This evidence-informed model optimizes a community’s ability to support its members to grow their capacity to cope with stressful events and thrive in the face of adversity. This holistic model takes into account mental, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and environmental needs.

Innovative communities, schools, and organizations are using the 6 Capacity Builders from the THRIVE Model (Trusted Adults – High Expectations – Resilience Building – Involvement –Vision – Enrichment) to strengthen their members, facilitate recovery from trauma, and prevent tragic loss of life.

Visit for the full outline of the THRIVE Model, as well as free resources to share with your friends and colleagues.

Attend a Youth THRIVE Workshop from your school, office, or home!

THRIVE Workshop Toolkit

THRIVE Workshop Toolkit

Now you can attend a Youth THRIVE Workshop from your school, office, or home! This training provides a summary of the research behind the THRIVE Resilience Model™ and delivers 12 specific tools (2 for each of the elements) that you can begin using today to strengthen youth.

Your Workshop Toolkit Includes:

  • Over 5.5 hours of video training from a Youth THRIVE workshop delivered to a live audience.
  • Brain Breaks – fun exercises that take less than one minute to help reset the brain and body.
  • Full PDF of workshop slides so you can take notes as you watch.
  • THRIVE Resilience Model™ Handout – keep this single page resource handy throughout your day.

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