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We are pioneering a Human Resilience Movement!

What does that mean?

National Resilience Institute

National Resilience Institute (NRI) has organically grown from a local grassroots community resiliency project to a nonprofit organization working to help the helpers in communities across the country to grow human resilience.

We fulfill our mission by conducting research, educating those invested in building human resilience, and convening global conversations with world-class researchers, educators, and practitioners who share our passion for nurturing hope and co-creating effective solutions.

In today’s reality, preparing for and responding to psychosocial disruptions has become a universal challenge to sustainability and well-being. Together, we can innovate ways to equip humanity to respond with strength to the most pressing demands of modern day living.

Human Resilience

We have an urgent need to build personal and psychosocial resilience to grow strength and the capacity to respond to current and pending demands. This goes beyond bolstering physical resources and infrastructures and mitigating active threats.

While preparing for the physical trauma caused by loss of property, water and food shortages, personal injury, the impairment or loss of loved ones, and illness, we must also prepare for the psychosocial impacts of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, hopelessness, violence, family dysfunction, and the breaking down of social bonds that happen as a result of these physical traumas.

Our evidence-informed frameworks create a normative belief that it is part of our human experience to use adversity as opportunities to learn, grow, and even thrive.


NRI actively collaborates with local, national, and international organizations to build widespread levels of human resilience for the safety, health, and well-being of families, communities, and entire societies.

Together we are systematically creating a movement to harness our collective knowledge and experiences to forge supports that assist and advance local responses to traumatic disruptions and the devastating psychological impact that they wield.

These projects bring to life our vision of a unified global conversation that can be used to fuel local efforts to create inclusive environments of connectedness, improve health throughout the lifespan, and respond to traumatic events with strength.

Ready to join the resilience movement?

Our Services

Our Services

NRI understands that human resilience is skills-based, and therefore teachable. We offer evidence-based workshops, trainings, and certification programs to empower leaders to grow resilience in their own lives and communities.

We convene resilience pioneers from around the world and multiple disciplines to collaboratively create innovative solutions for today’s most pressing challenges. We also conduct research and develop models, including the THRIVE Model™ of Human Resilience. Our key areas of practice include growing resilience in students, communities, military families, and public health.

For an in-depth evaluation of your needs, please contact us.

Our services include:

Training and Support

  • Trauma-Informed Community Resilience Building
  • Youth THRIVE Programs
  • Trauma and Emergency Response Team Training
  • Preventing Secondary Trauma and Burnout
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR)
  • Custom Designed Trainings


  • THRIVE Model™  for Communities
  • THRIVE Model™  for Schools
  • Custom designed curriculum


  • Community Resilience Toolkit
  • Media Crisis Reporting Toolkit
  • School Crisis Intervention and Resilience Toolkit
  • Customized tools to fit your needs


  • Community Strategic Planning
  • Project Planning & Execution
  • Org Development & Funding
  • Curriculum Development

Certified speakers in

  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Personal Resilience
  • Community Resilience
  • School Resilience
  • Military Resilience
  • Public Health Resilience
  • Leadership Resilience


  • Trauma-Informed Train the Trainer

Equipping Hope Builders


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Connecting and Equipping Human Resilience Builders

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