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The coronavirus pandemic presents significant challenges for all of us, including for the helpers under our care.  We are working remotely, have cancelled or postponed all group events through August, and are transitioning many of our trainings, certifications and events to take place virtually.

We have opened a virtual THRIVE Coffee House to provide a space to gather for connection, centering practices, and resilience tools. You are invited to join us.

We remain committed to our essential work of helping the helpers strengthen themselves and others. Please contact us or reach out to any team member to talk about current projects or explore how we might help you meet emerging challenges facing you or your organization. The need for research based human resilience skills building has never been greater and we are here to help.

Take good care of yourself and others and remember: we thrive together.

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What We Do & Why We Do It

Who We Are

Who We Are

The question for communities across the country is becoming not whether adversity will strike, but when. Inspired by the tragic loss of young lives, the National Resilience Institute began as a grassroots community resiliency project. Its mission was to stop the loss of life and to find proven solutions to build more resilient kids, families, and communities.

What unfolded was a five-year quest that took us across the country and around the globe in search of evidence-based skills and tools that empower people to prepare for, adapt to, and grow through traumatic disruptions with strength.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we continue our mission to research, educate, and advocate for a more resilient nation.

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What We Do

Put simply, we help the helpers. In order to build a more resilient nation, we help guide those that are dedicated to strengthening others and supporting people impacted by trauma.

We facilitate multi-disciplinary collaborations to create innovative solutions that equip resilience builders to grow strength in themselves and those they serve.

Our evidence-informed programs translate the language of science into practical tools that grow human resilience.

Why We Do It

The National Resilience Institute wants individuals and communities to feel prepared and empowered to respond to these challenges with resilience and strength. Through our collaborative research, education, and advocacy, we innovate solutions that grow human resilience. It is our hope to put skills and tools into the hands of those who need it most, the helpers, to create a world in which everyone can thrive.

Building Resilience

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Connecting and Equipping Human Resilience Builders

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