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National Resilience Institute Launches Resource Library for Hope Builders

The National Resilience Institute serves as a hub for resilience resources that are research-based and simple to implement. We are excited to share this knowledge FREE of charge to support our collective mission to build human resilience. Donations are welcomed to support this service. Our Resource Library is includes several tools to equip Hope Builders,

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What is resilience and why does it matter?

By: Mollie Marti, PhD, JD In collaboration with Rush University, the National Resilience Institute sat down with some presenters from our 4th annual Resilience Summit to discuss hot topics in human resilience. With perspectives in youth resilience, veteran trauma recovery, and community resilience, we addressed the question: What is resilience and why does it matter?

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A TownHall Gathering on Childhood Trauma and Resilience

By: Mollie Marti, PhD, JD After a recent 60 Minutes segment on treating childhood trauma, the National Resilience Institute enthusiastically supported a virtual screening of KPJR Films award-winning RESILIENCE: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope. NRI has been a strong advocate for this film, inviting Director James Redford to screen it at

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Deepening our National Dialogue on ACEs and Trauma Informed Resilience

By: Mollie Marti, PhD, JD A recent 60 Minutes segment with correspondent Oprah Winfrey, has served to powerfully broaden our national conversation around Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), the impact of childhood trauma, and the possibilities of human resilience. Oprah traveled to her childhood hometown of Milwaukee, where she learned about the body of research that

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These Five Signs Say: Help!

 By: Mollie Marti, PhD, JD “Humans are tribal beings, designed to give and receive help. We need each other in so many ways. If you are breathing, you are a helper.” –  Mollie Marti Across the nation, we see communities full of compassionate people with a desire to make life a little easier for others. We

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Watch Resiliency Matters TV with Dr. Melissa Reeves and Dr. Mollie Marti

As part of our Hope Builders Resource Library, NRI is happy to share an educational video featuring Dr. Melissa Reeves, past president of the National Association of School Psychologists and a nationally certified school psychologist. In this video, Dr. Reeves talks with our CEO, Dr. Marti about what parents and teachers can start doing today

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Recap: Resilience Summit 2017

The National Resilience Institute (NRI) hosted its 4th annual international Resilience Summit at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago from October 16-18, 2017. Keynote speakers included Michele Gay, Co-Founder of Safe and Sound Schools: A Sandy Hook Initiative; Steve Gross, Founder and Chief Playmaker of the LIfe is Good Kids Foundation; Janet Hilary, CEO of

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