Our Story

A community stands up to say no more senseless loss of lives. The Institute began its work in 2011 as a grassroots community resiliency project with a mission to stop an active suicide contagion and find proven solutions to heal and build resilience.
  • We Learned

    This work set in motion a global quest for evidence-based skills to grow stronger kids, families, and communities, including immersion trainings with international trauma organizations.

  • We Taught

    Soon after we began our work, calls start coming in from communities in need across the country. We share evidence-based supports and educational programming, and host our first Resilience Summit.

  • We Grew

    Witnessing vast unmet human resilience needs, we organize as a nonprofit. The National Resilience Institute (NRI) sets out to gather the best thinking and practices to cultivate healing, hope and growth after traumatic loss, including school crises, mass disasters, combat stress, and acts of terrorism.

  • We Lead

    With a strong reputation for collaborative impact, we hone on our strength: vetting and convening resilience researchers to create practical solutions for those working in communities to meet pressing social issues like adverse childhood experiences, suicide prevention, disaster preparedness and response, and military-connected transitions.

  • Join Us

    We invite you to join us on this journey of taking a stand, learning, teaching, growing, and co-creating a narrative of hope and thriving in your own community. We are here to help you use research to strengthen those you serve.


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