Our mission is to build individual and collective resilience.
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6 Ways to Become a Trauma-Informed School
4 Ways to Create Community Resilience and Help Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
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We envision a world in which all people and communities have the resilience skills and tools necessary to respond to traumatic disruptions with strength.


evidence-based resilience models and tools through primary and collaborative research.


individuals and organizations to lead a human resilience movement through partnerships and events.


individuals with resilience skills through live and virtual programming.

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4 Ways to Create Community Resilience and Help Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

    By: Liz Cox, Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Iowa         Washington State has made significant […]

Stories of Resilience and Recovery: Living with Mental Illness and Speaking My Truth

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National Resilience Institute Partners with America’s Promise Alliance

  We are excited to announce the National Resilience Institute has become an official partner of America’s Promise Alliance. Our […]

“Well done, NRI! Outstanding speakers with relevant information – and plenty of it was “new” to us. I was absolutely intrigued and inspired. And, the accommodations and hospitality were wonderful! THANK YOU!“
“The Resilience Summit was a very rich learning experience in terms of its content and networking opportunities. It provided me with tools that I can utilize in my work with faith-based organizations and communities.“
“The summit was very motivational for me. It was a breath of fresh air that I needed after being involved with a high level of trauma in both my work and home communities.”
“This was a refreshing dive into the research, science, and existing programming related to resilience and trauma support.“